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Jenna Brady
Jenna Brady is a junior at Highlands. She has always had a love of writing, even though some of her earlier pieces were very cringy and undeveloped. At a young age, she could be found writing short stories, but evidently giving up on them because she got bored with the plot line. A lot of her inspiration comes from her friends as well as from nature and the world around her. Writing is a way for her to demonstrate her deeper feelings and it is also a way to process the quirky thoughts that buzz through her mind. Some of her other interests include psychology and makeup. She hopes to someday become a psychotherapist and improve her makeup skills so that she doesn’t always look like a zombie. Although she does have a fascination with zombies as well as a plan for the apocalypse, she would rather not look like one. She has no idea where she wants to go to college, but she is sure that she will continue her personal writings no matter where she goes or where she ends up.

Jenna Brady, Editor

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Jenna Brady