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Ellysa Wira

Ellysa Wira, Hilltopper Editor

Ellysa has been in Journalism for three years now, ever since her freshman year when she decided to take the class on a whim. To her surprise, the class was just the thing to express her love for pictures and especially writing. 

Even at a young age, Ellysa always had the curiosity to just play around with a camera she found and take pictures of the forest near the house. Although photography lost interest over the years, the writing never stopped. Whenever she could, Ellysa would write down short stories or take notes on random things, a habit that has still stuck around over the years. Now whenever she has a story idea, she just jots the idea down in the Notes App which has just led to hundreds of unwritten books and short stories. With a heavy love for writing fiction, Ellysa had found the love of interviewing and writing articles in her years in Journalism so far. Excited to be the Hilltopper Editor this year and take a role of leadership, Ellysa has high hopes in seeing the new journalism students.

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Ellysa Wira