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Why You Should Consider Playing Lacrosse

Me and my friends at the end of our freshmen season at Milford High School

Lacrosse started in the early 1100s as a strategy to help Native Americans prepare for war. 

In the 1600s in Quebec, Canada, the French witnessed Native Americans playing and were given the name lacrosse because it resembled the bishop’s cross carried in religious ceremonies.

In Canada, lacrosse started becoming popular and was officially a national sport in 1859.

Lacrosse is surprisingly a lot safer than other contact sports. It also has a lot of health benefits including coordination, cardiovascular endurance, increased stamina, and many more.

Lacrosse has been dubbed as one of the fastest-growing sports in America. In Kentucky, lacrosse is still new and is growing to this day. 

Lacrosse is really enjoyable and a good way to express feelings in a healthy way. an outlet for emotions and there are way more college opportunities and scholarships because it is still a growing sport.

Lacrosse is an 11 vs 11 sport. You have a goalie, attack, middie, and defensive players. Attack and defense can’t pass the opposing 30-yard line or it would be considered offsides. You have to wear goggles and a mouthguard and have a stick.

Girls’ sticks are tighter at the pocket because of the different rules than the boys and are cradled from the left to the right shoulder. On the other hand, boys’ sticks have a deeper pocket; they wear pads and can’t hit others with the stick and cradle closer to their waist.

Lacrosse is also a club sport. You can play for clubs and travel around the states for college recruiting and get a new feel of different teams.

Athletic Director Wes Caldwell said: “It’s a tiered layered process of starting a new sport, starting with surveys, meetings, budget parameters, and cost, and interest” 

Sophomore Eli Hills who plays for Bluegrass Bulldogs said: “I like playing because it’s different than a lot of other sports. There’s a ton of contact which makes it super fun. There’s also a huge team aspect because you communicate instead of just doing plays. I think Highlands should get a team because it doesn’t interfere with football season and football players could play lax as well. Since it’s a fairly new sport there’s a lot of scholarship opportunities.”

Lacrosse is a fun and interesting sport and students should consider learning more about it.

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