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Heading into the Superbowl; who did everyone want to win?

Helmets of the matchups that lead to the Superbowl match-up.

The football playoffs are highly anticipated games that almost everyone watches. Everyone likes to watch the playoffs and they like to see their favorite team or players win. 

Chase Pawsat (10) said: “I enjoy watching the playoffs because it’s really fun to see the best teams compete and I like watching some of my favorite players.” 

The Chiefs vs. Ravens game is a nail-biter game and many people have different opinions on who they want to win. Most people wanted the Ravens to win.

Claire Cavacini (12) said: “ I wanted the Ravens to win because I hate the Cheifs and they are from our division.” 

Some people have different opinions and want the Chiefs to win. 

Lily Muller (12) said: “ I wanted the Cheifs to win because I really like Travis Kelce.” 

A lot of people were basing who they wanted to win off of Taylor Swift being at the games. Some people have the opposite opinion and want her far away.

Dalton Roller (12) said: “I wanted the Ravens to win because I hate the Taylor Swift stuff and everything and all that stuff around the Cheifs.”

Another game that people wanted to see was the Lions game. The Lions have never been to the super bowl and people wanted them to win. 

Kate Jaime (12) said: “I wanted to see the Detroit Lions win because they have never won and it would be a really cool story.”

The game has been played and some people did not think it would turn out this way and wanted it to be different. The Chiefs won 17-10 and some people have mixed feelings about it. 

Dalton Roller (12) said: “Alright well I wasn’t very happy that the Chiefs won, I would much rather have them lose but it is what it is.”

Lily Muller (12) said: “I thought that it was really cool that the Cheifs won and I thought it was really cute when Travis and Taylor hugged after the game.” 

Another game that didn’t turn out as people wanted was the Lions vs. 49ers game. The Lions had the lead in the first half but the 49ers came back and won 34-31. 

Kate Jaime (12) said: “The Lions game, I literally turned it off right when it started because I thought I was cursed and then I turned it on when they were tied 24-24, and of course right when I turned it on, they lost.”

Overall, many people were either very happy or very sad with the games that happened January 28,  but the Superbowl is coming up and that should be a highly anticipated game.

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