8 seniors ink their future in Spring Athletic Signing Day


Beth Brubaker

Four of the seniors listen Athletic Director Wes Caldwell introduce the program.

Yesterday, HHS held their annual spring signing for senior student athletes. Listed below are where the seniors will be attending, what they will continue to do, and what they will study. 

Senior Kennedy Baioni will be attending the University of St. Francis where she will continue to play softball. Baioni will study diagnostic medical imaging. 

“I chose St. Francis because the program is exactly what I was looking for in a school in order for it to best align with my career plans. The team has a very strong bond and I immediately felt accepted by them as soon as I stepped on campus.”

Baioni has high hopes for her future, and she thinks she’ll be able to adapt to St. Francis. 

“St. Francis is a high quality healthcare school and their programs excel in reading their students for their future careers. Being the only one from Highlands attending, I’ll learn how to adapt to new locations and bond with new people.”

Senior Haley Zell will be attending Western Kentucky where she will continue to run track/field. Zell will study exercise science: physical therapy. 

“I chose to commit to WKU because I wanted to attend a school that I loved and I wanted to have an opportunity to also run track and field. When I first visited Western I felt at home and extremely welcomed whether through athletics or academics.”

Zell believes that WKU will offer a lot of opportunities both academically and athletically. 

“WKU has a lot to offer. Competing Division 1 has always been a dream of mine. Along with athletics, there is a lot to offer in the academics. The staff and professors truly care about their students.”

Senior JP Donelan will be attending Wilmington College where he will continue to play baseball. Donelan will study exercise science. 

“I chose to commit to Wilmington because I think it is my best option to succeed both in the classroom and on the field.”

Donelan is very passionate about this school, since it will help him reach his full potential. 

“I think that they can offer me programs to major in two studies that I am passionate about, and they can offer me an opportunity to maximize my baseball and overall athletic potential. And I hope to use what they teach me and do for me to contribute to the baseball team and in the classroom.”

Senior Jo Halbauer will be attending Centre College where she will continue to cheer. Halbauer will study biology (premed) and german. 

“I chose Centre because of the community of people there. When I met some of the team, everyone was so welcoming and genuinely kind and made me feel like I belonged. I also liked the small campus feel and I felt like I was at home. “

Halbauer is looking forward to the opportunities that Centre will provide. 

“I think that Centre can offer me a lot of opportunities for the future through internships and the many opportunities for community service they have. I am hoping Centre also provides me with lots of opportunities to experience the world, through the study abroad program.”

Senior Evan Jones will be attending Bellarmine University where he will continue to swim. Jones will study biology and pre-med. 

“I chose Bellarmine because I felt like I really connected with the swim team when I went down. I thought the coaching staff was really good and felt that it would be a good program for me.”

Jones feels he will get a good education and feels connected to Bellarmine. 

“I think Bellarmine has a really good program for what I want to do after college and think I will get a good education from Bellarmine.” 

The rest of the seniors who signed were as follows:

Senior Matt Herfel will be attending Centre College where he will continue to swim. Herfel will study biochemistry (pre-med).

Senior Carly Cramer will be attending Thomas Moore University where she will continue to play softball. Cramer will study exercise science.

Senior Eden Brumer will be attending Georgetown College where she will continue to run track/cross country. Brumer will study sports administration (kinesiology).

Senior Madison Gillman will be attending Western Kentucky where she will continue to dance. Gillman will study communication disorders. 

Senior Adam Pawlak will be attending the University of Evansville where he will continue to swim. Pawlak will study exercise science and physical therapy. 

Senior Will Herald will be attending Hanover College where he will continue to play basketball. Herald will study finance.