NFL Draft: First ten picks of the draft


First overall pick, quarterback Bryce Young

The NFL Draft began yesterday and first on the clock was the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have been in need of a franchise quarterback since the Cam Newton Era. With the first pick of the draft, they selected a quarterback out of Alabama, Bryce Young. 

The Houston Texans drafted C.J. Stroud out of Ohio State, another quarterback. The Texans have been one of the worst teams in the league for a while now, and although Stroud is a nice addition to the team, it will take a lot more than that for them to become a competitive team. 

The Texans, understanding this, got aggressive in the draft and traded down for the third pick. With the third pick, they selected another Bama man, Will Anderson Jr., an outside linebacker.  

The fourth pick was another quarterback, Anthony Richardson, drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have struggled to find their franchise guy for several years now. Carson Wentz didn’t fit the bill and neither did Matt Ryan, so it’s Richardson’s chance to see if he can pull the team up.  

The Seattle Seahawks chose to upgrade their defense as they drafted cornerback Devon Witherspoon wisely. The Seahawks had one of the worst defenses in the league, ranked 28 out of 31 teams. 

The Arizona Cardinals were sixth on the clock and drafted an offensive tackle to give Kyler Murray some protection from the lethal pass rushers of the league. 

The Las Vegas Raiders have a dim future ahead of them for the next few years, but the light shined through for a brief moment with the Raiders picking up defensive end, Tyree Wilson. The Raiders have a solid pass rusher already, Max Crosby, so a second rusher will give the Raiders the edge when it comes to providing sacks. 

The Atlanta Hawks were next on the clock and drafted a running back to compliment the several defensive players they signed earlier this year, Bijan Robinson. 

The Philadelphia Eagles, who lost in the most recent Superbowl, traded up for a better pick. Ninth on the clock, the Eagles selected defensive tackle, Jalen Carter. The Eagles already have a lethal defensive line and this pick makes them even scarier in that aspect. 

With the tenth pick of the draft, the Chicago Bears, one of the worst teams in the league this year, selected offensive tackle, Darnell Wright. Pass protection was a major issue for the Bears, so this pick will prove beneficial to their offense.

The first round of the draft proved to be exhilarating and the second round of the draft is certainly going to be as well.