Take me out to the Ballgame: The Future of Cincinnati Baseball


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Some of the Reds players coming back to the dugout after a tremendous play.

With the last couple of years, the Cincinnati Reds team has not quite played at their strongest, fans are perhaps weary of waiting for the home run and finding these ballgame memories of hot dogs and peanuts depleted. Waiting and waiting can grow exhausting, will it ever change? 

Some of our earliest childhood memories are spent under the hot, almost blistering summer rays, sweat dripping down red foreheads, munching down on peanuts and throwing the shells on the concrete ground, listening for the umpire to call the strikes and reaching for that stray, rogue ball when it comes your way, buying the perfect hotdog and hearing the crowds cheer. 

These are all memories that we grew up on here in Cincinnati, but with the Reds continuously letting fans down is the future of Cincinnati baseball secure? 

Will the next generation of kids have these hot dog-eating, peanut-throwing memories to look back on, or will the next generations come to find new experiences to occupy their summer?

Wick Terrell with SB Nation said that “This team has more holes than my hiking socks,” meaning that the Reds have so many new and inexperienced players that it is creating a vicious cycle of losing for this Reds team along with confusion. 

He said that “signing more well-known, valuable players would prove to the rest of the baseball world that this team is capable of affording more than just doormats to fill roster spots”. 

This powerful statement is quite true but can this now extremely unpopular team afford to take on more well-known players? With ticket prices down and fans taking fewer trips to the baseball park, is this even possible? 

According to Tyler Duma with BR sports news, “The Reds are even struggling to keep Joey Votto.” 

This could be the real hitting of the sticks for this team. 

There is a present fear in the eyes of old-time Cincinnati fans. Could this be the slow closing of an original team that brought so much to the baseball world? 

Google ImagesAll these wonderful ballpark memories from childhood, baseball caps, and ice cream cones. Will this tradition stay alive or will Cincinnati lose a part of its history?