Let’s start at the very beginning: Reds Vs. Phillies face off for the first of 4 games


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The Reds and Phillies face off!

Tonight at 6:40 pm the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies buck heads for the second time this season, except this game being the first of 4 games in a row. 

Philadelphia has started the season with mixed scores, similar to the Cincinnati team. 

Last week the Phillies played the Yankees, losing one of 3 games. 

The Reds faced off against the Cubs, winning one of two games. However, the Cubs had a final score of 12-5, leaving the Reds puzzled.

But this Reds team is lacking normalcy in routine 

David Bell, Reds manager, recently underwent minor surgery. This impacted his coaching abilities and a substitute was put in to help. 

Freddie Benavides is in his place, trying to bridge the gap and provide the necessary coaching that the team needs. 

“The Reds did not provide any information on Bell’s procedure or what prompted it,” said Channel 9. 

Though it is unclear the circumstances under which Bell is occupied, it must be a significant injury to keep him detained for this amount of time. 

We can only hope that the Reds can start a winning streak tonight, even given the coaching distractions consuming the team’s minds.