A True Dilemma: Is Joe Mixon Worth It?


Nathan Mueler

Bengals Running Back Joe Mixon in front of a Bengals Logo

As of late, Bengals running back Joe Mixon has been in the news consistently. Most recently a minor was shot in his yard, and earlier in the year he was charged with assault for telling a woman she, “deserved to be shot.”

In 2014, while Mixon was attending Nebraska University, a video surfaced of him assaulting a civilian.

There is no question that he has become a distraction to the team, and with his yards dipping from 1,205 in 2021 to 814 in 2022, his future with the Bengals has come into question.

With many good running backs on the board in the 2023 NFL Draft, such as Bijan Robinson or Jahmyr Gibbs, many assume that when Mixon’s contract ends after the 2023 season, the Bengals may let him walk.

Mixon was criticized during the 2022 season for statements such as, “we are the big dogs in the AFC!” When Mixon was injured, 2022 backup running back Samaje Perine produced more yards than Mixon in the weeks before.

Perine also played more snaps in the AFC championship game than Mixon. All of this is cause for speculation, but since the Denver Broncos have signed Perine it is likely that Mixon will start in 2023.