The last two standing: Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles battle on to Super Bowl LVII


The two teams ready to face off in the nervously awaited superbowl LVII.

With baffling feelings still lingering from the AFC championships on the night of Sunday, January 29th. Many people around the country are still recovering. Whether that be from pure joy due to the outcome, or sorrow in the case of the San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals; who were unfortunately defeated by their opponents (the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals). All four teams were poised and ready but also with the knowledge that only two teams could win a place in this final Superbowl spotlight. But also with hope, even when in sadness, that these unforgettable feelings on gloomy, but jovial football Sundays, full of nerves and cheers can be built upon once again. Next year and many to follow, for with this unpredictable profession anything can happen. 

Both the Eagles and Chiefs eked out two very gnarly wins, progressing them to the spotlight. 

The Eagles, make this game look like a walk in the park. Taking a win of 31-7 to the San Francisco 49ers. Eagles head coach, Nick Sirianni said in a post-game interview, “it has always been a dream for the whole team to get to the Superbowl, it means so much to be in this spotlight,” He later went on to say that he was simply surprised, this was unexpected to him. 

The Kansas City Chiefs, achieved their victory against the Cincinnati Bengals by a simple yet game-changing field goal at the end of the 4th quarter. Both teams were not 100% but managed to put up a tremendous fight, keeping fans on their toes all through the evening. Even though Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs quarterback, had an injured ankle he was able to keep it together with the help of roaring fans, almost drowning out the stadium. It was seen that Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, gestured to his ears throughout many plays, trying to get across the point that he could not hear over the screams and chants of Chiefs fans. Many plays were destroyed by the lack of communication due to this extremely loud environment. The Bengals offense had 3 missing players from past injuries but still tried its best to support Burrow as he struggled to navigate this turf.  

However, the Chiefs stayed one step ahead most of the whole game, but closely behind were the Bengals. The final score was 23-20. 

Now, after this AFC torture, it’s left to these two teams. The Chiefs and Eagles, each with an extreme desire for a Superbowl win. The Chiefs, already with a history, partaking in Superbowl fame. They went 4 times and won twice. 

For the Eagles, this is creating a new history. Super Bowl LVII could be a second Superbowl win for the Eagles, who only ever won back in 2018, against the New England Patriots, defeating them with a final score of 41-33. 

It all comes down to which team’s history will prevail. Either continuing, in the case of the Chiefs or building a new story for the Eagles. For as is known, in this unpredictable world of football, anything can happen.