A controversial loss, questionable officiating: Bengals vs. Chiefs



A tweet from Barstool Sportsbook.

After a devastating loss for the Cincinnati Bengals, many of the calls, or non-calls, made by the officials are being called into question.

After the game #NFLRigged was trending on Twitter, memes called lead referee, Ron Torbert, “AFC Championship Game MVP.”

Many of the controversial calls came on crucial drives, such as the play that the Chiefs were allowed to repeat. Apparently, the play was called dead after the snap but the ref made no effort to get the players’ attention.

Many fans dubbed the play, “5th down.” After the refs gave the Chiefs an extra 3rd down play, they called holding on cornerback Eli Apple to give the Chiefs a first down.

Down by their own goal line, Joe Burrow was hit seconds after he threw the ball. The hit clearly violated the rules and should have drawn a roughing of the passer call.

During a Bengals kick-off, safety, and special teamer, Daxton Hill was the victim of an illegal block in the back. Of course, the refs didn’t throw the flag against the Chiefs.

On one of the final plays of the game, defensive end Joseph Ossai was flagged for unnecessary roughness to put the Chiefs in range of a game-winning field goal. 

On the same play, Bengals defensive end Trey Hendrickson was illegally held at the line which should have resulted in a penalty backing up the Chiefs.

If there ever were a case for the NFL being rigged, this game would be a smoking gun.