How to be tough yet vigilant; Bengals and Bills face off in a game feared by many


Courtesy of USA today

Bengals vs Bills Divisional round.

Last year, the Bengals reached a place many never thought was achievable. A place true fans have waited a lifetime for. Families sat around the TV, nervously holding hands, palms sweating, grappling with almost second-changing, bafflingly but almost addicting emotions. Along with this nervous, exciting feeling, came an even stronger admiration. Some say it was the changing of quarterbacks, taking young Joe Burrow. Some say it was coaching, Zac Taylor taking the stand for the Bengals. But in Cincinnati, we know the true reason, the simple motivation that the team had. 

With the Bengals on this almost-expected pedistool they built last year, wins aren’t quite the same, surprise is in the air, but not with much feeling.  

Throughout the last many weeks, fans and simply normal people around the country have been in support of a man, strong with an exciting future, crumbling to the turf. The Bengals and Bills face each other yet again in the AFC Divisional round of the playoffs. The Bengals are cautious when it comes to this game, but fans are confident that this motivated Bengals team will come out on top no matter the challenge.  

However, according to CBS Sports, the Buffalo Bills are the five-point favorite.

Caesars Sportsbook lists Buffalo as a five-point favorite in the latest Bengals vs. Bills odds, and the over/under for total points is 50.5”.  

The Bills have always been a consistently good team, but with the unfortunate case of Damar Hamlin’s accident, their popularity has skyrocketed. 

Many Bills fans blame this accident on Tee Higgins, Bengals wide receiver, though this was a seemingly normal hit. Obviously it’s been hard just because I had something to do with it,” Higgins said later, adding that he is so thankful Hamlin is safe and well again in Buffalo. 

But when it comes to this Sunday game both teams are serious,  there is no time for any distractions. 

Joe Burrow, said, “whatever it takes from me every Sunday, that’s what I’ll do”.

These teams come together, both with a fighting motivation, but also a thankful attitude and many blessings that have been given in the last couple of weeks. As Bengals fans and Bills fans sit in constant dedication to their hometown, palms sweating with second-changing emotions. A new feeling of gratitude is congregated and shown through and through. With each play kicked off this Sunday, each touchdown scored will be an effort from everyone. All with a motivation simple but true.