Playoff overview: Wildcard Weekend


image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

San Francisco 49ers field.

Superbowl Wild Card Weekend was full of surprises. A total of 12 teams participated in the first round of the playoffs, with only six moving on to the divisional. The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have clinched the division.

The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens for the second time this season. The Bengals’ offense struggled against Ravens’ defense. Thanks to a colossal play made by linebacker Logan Wilson and defensive end Sam Hubbard where they stripped the ball and returned it for a 98-yard scoop and score, the longest in post-season history. The Bengals were able to take the lead and defeat the Ravens.

The Jacksonville Jaguars pulled out a miraculous win against the Los Angeles Chargers. Everyone had their bets against the Jaguars since they had been a predominately bad team in recent years. The Los Angeles Chargers were up 27-0 but managed to lose the game 30-31. 

The Giants and Vikings game was another shock. Many expected the Vikings to move on to the divisional, however, the Giants were able to pull one out over the Vikings.

The San Francisco 49ers came ready to play against the Seattle Seahawks. They stomped all over them in a 41-23 victory. Halfback Christian McCaffrey showed he is going to be a lethal threat in the playoffs. 

The Buffalo Bills versus the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus the Dallas Cowboys played out as expected with the Cowboys and Bills advancing.

The Bills will finally have their chance to play the Bengals and the Jaguars will be attempting to take down the Chiefs. The Cowboys play the 49ers and the Giants play the Eagles.