End of an era: Luke Fickell Abandons the Cincinnati Bearcats for Opportunity with Wisconsin Badgers


courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Luke Fickell coaching the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Luke Fickell—several best head coach awards, three championships, and two undefeated seasons. 

Fickell began his coaching career in 1999 as the head coach of Ohio State before transitioning to Akron university for a year, later returning to Ohio State the following season. He stayed with Ohio until 2017 when he became the head coach at UC (University of Cincinnati). 

Fickell had an illustrious career at UC. He can boast an undefeated season in 2021 where he took his team to the Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas. Cincinnati played the University of Alabama whom they lost to in a 6-27 defeat.  

During the 2022 football season, Fickell hoped to achieve the same success as the previous year; however, the team was missing several key players such as Sauce Gardner and Desmond Ridder. 

The Bearcats failed to replicate the same success. In their second game, they were defeated by Arkansas University, while also managing to lose to UCF (University of Central Florida) and Tulane University. Their official record on the season was 9-3.

Fickell sees an opportunity at Wisconsin University to win a National Championship under the school that hasn’t even won a Big Ten title since 2012. He signed a seven-year, 7.8 million dollar contract. He is still owed five million dollars by Cincinnati.