Undefeated success: HHS boys’ basketball team starts their season off undefeated


Freshman Vinny Listerman shoots a free throw after his “and 1.”

This year the HHS boys’ basketball team starts their season off strong with a record of 3-0, playing Scott High School, Boone County, and Tates Creek High school. 


Scott High School – 11-29 

With the first game away, the boys managed to gain a victory with a score of 102-75. 

The team was led by Senior, Will Herald, with a total of 25 points, and Junior Nathan Vinson, with a total of 17 points. 

The boy’s average was 77.8% for free throws and an overall 41 rebounds.

For free throws, Herald and Vinson were both 100% at the line. For rebounds, Senior Seth Ryan managed six, while Sophomore Hank Shick got four.


Boone County High School- 12-1

With the first home game of the season, the team pulled out a win with a score of 85-58. 

The team was led, once again by Vinson with 16 and Herald with a total of 22 points, leading a final total of 85 for the victory.

The boys averaged a total of 23 rebounds, with Vinson taking five and Herald with three. 

For free throws, the team had a total average of 83.3%, both Herald and Ryan along with freshman Vinny Listerman were 100% at the line. 

For rebounds, the team averaged 37 rebounds. Ryan led the team, with eight, along with Benketaking with seven. 

Both Listerman and Ryan tied with four assists and the team together pulled 16 assists in the whole game. 


Tates Creek High School- 12-2

The boy’s team brought home another win with a final score of 82-71.

In addition to Herald and Vinson being the top two scorers, Junior Brayden Moeves had 15 points along with Junior Brody Benke with 13 points. 

The team averaged a total of 39 rebounds. They were led by Junior Brody Benke with 11 and Brayden Moeves with eight.

Throughout the game, the boys had an average of 75% on free throws. Benke was 100% at the line, along with Vinson, averaging 88.9%. 


With the success that the boy had this year, they hope to pull out another victory at their next home game on Friday, December 9th, at 7:30, against the St. Henry Crusaders.