Seniors by 90: Powderpuff 2022


Emme Orme

The Junior Team huddles up before going back in the game.

On Tuesday, November 8th, the annual Powderpuff Football game was held at David Cecil Memorial Stadium. The Senior class of 2023 had a 34-22 victory over the Junior class of 2024. 

Since the game was on Election Day, the theme was USA. Seniors wore blue, Juniors wore red, and everyone else wore white. All proceeds benefit senior class scholarships.

Seniors Ruby Smith and Megan Calme were the captains for their grade. They were led by Eden Brumer, Carly Cramer, Anna Melson, and Alyssa Harris. 

Harris said, “I wasn’t able to play last year and thought it would be really fun to play with all my classmates.”

Juniors Laney Smith and Maggie Carnohan were the captains for their grade. They were led by Kate Jamie and Laney Smith. 

Carnohan said, “It was very fun playing and I had a lot of fun being competitive against the seniors.” 

In total, the Juniors scored 3 touchdowns but the Seniors scored 5 touchdowns. 

Next year, the Junior class is hoping to be successful in beating the class of 2025. 

Smith said “Obviously, the refs favor the senior class more so I think next year we will have some extra leverage. I think that if we just play as a team we will do a great job.”