Burleigh kicks his way into the record books, sets field-goal record


Will Todd

Senior Davis Burleigh attempts to split the uprights against Cooper.

Senior Davis Burleigh a kicker for the Highlands football team, has made a name for himself in the history books at Highlands.

This past week, the varsity football player set the school record for most made field goals in a single season, making two against the Cooper Jaguars.

Burleigh noted his roots of playing soccer originally before playing football and described the feeling as surprising.

“It’s crazy, you know playing soccer growing up I never imagined playing football, and then coming all the way through to set the school record is just crazy.”

Burleigh also gave credit to his teammates, including the O-line and holder.

“This year my lines have been awesome, we haven’t gotten anything blocked. I think we’ve gotten two fire calls, so our operations have been really smooth so far this year.”

Burleigh talked about his mentality before a kick, and walked us through his thought process.

“I just try to focus on a point past the goalpost and focus on that and try to aim it and hope it goes through. I don’t really get nervous that much, obviously, I know that if it’s a good snap and a good hold I just have to do my job and kick the ball, and just rely on my operation.”

Burleigh has made a lot of memories and has had key moments in life but these were the two that stuck with him most.

“Obviously last year against Cov Cath the kick got blocked so that kind of stuck with me. But this year, my 46-yarder against Campbell County is probably the biggest I’ve hit in my football career.”

With all of his success, Burleigh has now received two scholarship offers, from the University of Cumberland and Union College.

“It’s crazy, it’s awesome, and honestly it’s just a dream come true. It feels like all my work is coming together!” Burleigh shouted with excitement.

With Burleigh’s consistency and range, he has been able to help the football out tremendously this year. We can’t wait to see him continue in the playoffs!