Breaking a bad streak: HHS defeats Cov Cath


Charlie Noon on the tackle during the 2nd quarter.

The Highlands Football team lost to Cov Cath in the last 9 games, but I think they finally got angry enough to defeat them and have that victory in game 10. 

The plays throughout the game were crazy for Highlands. 

Charlie Noon, Sr. had 7 carries (25 yards), and 4 catches (68 yards) with 1 TD. On top of that, 160 kick return yards with 1 TD. To sum that up, he had 260 all-purpose yards with 2 total TDs. 

Dawson Hosea, Sr. rushing for the team had a 5-yard touchdown within 4 minutes of the 3rd quarter. Hosea also finished the game with 73 yards on 12 carries as well as 2 scores. 

Lastly, Davis Burleigh, Sr. with a 35-yard field goal, his cooperation with Charlie Noon’s touchdown, and Dawson Hosea’s 31 runs. 

Score Follow-up: 


HHS Cov. 
End of 1st  10 7
Halftime 10 7
End of 3rd  17 14
Final  32 21


Joe Mixon had shown up as well to see the big Friday game. He stated, “This is my Friday night game.” 

Charlie Noon stated, “I knew we had to make big plays and make a drive, come back and keep our team in it.” 

Coach Sphire gave his point of view at the end of the game, “When I got here 16 months ago, adversity was the master of this program. They couldn’t handle it. They went into the tank. It was individualism and we are no longer that football program. We were our enemy at times tonight, but we were never going to let it break us.”