Determination to thrive: HHS passion shown by football players and their coaches


Will Todd

Coach Sphire elaborating on the importance of continuing to improve each week

Highlands High School has always had a history with its football teams. Highlands Football team runs through the walls of the school along with the education that keeps them eligible. 

Coming to the present day of our football league, Coach Bob Sphire has things to compliment about the 2022 football team. 

Football Coach Bob Sphire said, “Overall I think we’ve got a tremendous team synergy. I think it’s a very team-oriented mentality and I feel really good about the group altogether and when they know it’s time to get to work they show it.”

Team players may not get along very well individually, but during a game, they all know when to focus and support each other. 

Football Coach Bob Sphire said, “Sometimes they can mentally step away from whatever is going on that is challenging to them and have that moment in time where they can focus on something else other than that. Sometimes it’s having that brotherhood that they can rely on and know they have somebody supporting them”.

Some of the players discussed their opinions about the coaches and players. 

Junior Hollan Schweitzer said, “I like our coaches a lot. I believe they all work great together and I think that there’s a lot of expertise and a lot of experience on the staff. They can complement each other well on things they know about the game.” 

As far as motivating them within the eligibility of being able to participate in the games there are rules that the coaches and school board correlate within. 

Senior Aiden Nevels said, “As an athlete, I have to meet a certain standard so that I can play. I have to accomplish passing grades to perform on the field, so it’s important.”

Football Coach Bob Sphire said, “College Coaches can not have contact with any player prior to their junior year. September 1st, of a player’s junior year, is when they can start contacting, but before that, they can’t. “ 

College Coaches have limited time for scouting different players for their one college football team. 

Football Coach Bob Sphire said, “Every program also has its system. What they value. Most of the things that have been new to the players are the foundational pieces to get them ready to play football. I know what we can be with the time and resources and of course the players. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to tackling skills and how to do better in that field and I think it’s paying dividends.” 

The football team spends dedicated time in their practices and Coach Spire speaks highly about their accomplishments to better this season. 

Some may not know, but Highlands High School is not only an Awarding Blue Ribbon School, but a State Champion school as well within their sports, especially football. 

The Fort Thomas community has always supported their football team by showing up to the games and being present in the spaceless bleachers at our Home games.