Shook: The horrific scene of Tua Tagovailoa’s injury


Tua suffering a neurological injury during his game against the Bengals. Image From Amazon Prime Video

As of the 28th of September, Bengals defensive tackle DJ Reader was taken out of the game and replaced with backup DT Josh Tupou, who proceeded to deliver one of the scariest moments in football history.

Dolphins QB, Tua Tagovailoa suffered a violent injury during the week two matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. Onlookers witnessed him stumbling and struggling to stay upright.

Many fans, commentators, and experts assumed this was due to head trauma as he entered the Dolphin’s locker room. But later in the game, Tua came back out of the locker room to play the rest of the game. 

Tua and Dolphins Head coach Mike McDaniel maintains that the injury was to his back and not a neurological issue. However, an NFLPA (NFL Players Association) investigation has been launched to see if the Dolphins violated concussion protocol by allowing him to return.

This Thursday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Tua was pulled down by Josh Tupou. As he was pulled down he landed on his elbow, back, and the back of his head. Fans witnessed his fingers positioned in an abnormal way, signifying neurological damage.

After lying on the field for several minutes, he was brought off of the field via a stretcher, fans questioned if he was conscious and Bengals fans began to chant, “Tua, Tua” in support. 

Tua’s injury brings a smidge of extra attention as he was a respected Alabama QB in the college football world. Many players tweeted their support and Joe Burrow spoke about it during the post-game interview.

“Man that, uh, it’s always scary when somebody goes down like that. It’s, uh, we play a violent game that you know at the end of the day we are all competitors but we all want everybody to stay healthy out there”

The undefeated Dolphins fell to 3-1 after their loss to the 1-2 Bengals who are now 2-2. But as all of Cincinnati wishes Tua a speedy recovery, one of the last undefeated teams losing was by no means the most pressing story to come out of the game.