College Football Playoffs: On the way to expansion


The 2019 LSU tigers in their post-game interview after their 2019 college football championship win. Featuring Joe Burrow, Patrick Queen, and coach Ed Orgeron.

Crowds cheering, whistles blowing, pads hitting, the scoreboard buzzing. This is football. Even better, college football. One of the most exciting sporting events ever is the college football playoffs (CFP).

College Football is a sporting phenomenon throughout the United States. According to Austin Karp from Awful Announcing, “Georgia-Alabama CFP title game averaged 22.6 million viewers across ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. Up big from record-low of 18.7 million for Bama-Ohio State in 2021.” 

Across the country every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and sometimes Sunday, fans worldwide are tuned in to watch their favorite college football team play. 

But there’s some freshness to college football now. College football playoffs are always four teams and two games competing for a title. But fans and analysts alike believe that’s unfair. So, what will they do? Well, starting in 2023 the college football playoffs will go from a 4-team to a 12-team bracket.

Will this make it fair? According to Junior Owen Lecky (a fan of the Cincinnati Bearcats), “I think it definitely helps especially with teams like Cincinnati. A couple of years ago they were [ranked] eight, but they definitely did deserve to be in the playoffs; they just got opted out due to their ranking.” 

Many believe this will close the gap between the same schools winning yearly. Such as Alabama Crimson Tide, with their 18 national championships. 

Or the most recent winners, The Georgia Bulldogs with seven national championships.

Many teams end in the top 15, top 12, or top 10 every year and have phenomenal seasons but just can’t prove themselves and end their seasons hoisting a trophy. 

Last year, Pittsburg went 11-3 ending in the 12th seed. Phenomenal season and an impressive one, but no chance at a title.

Oklahoma State, 12-2 last season, ended in the ninth seed. An incredible season, however, no chance to prove themselves for a title.

Recruiting could be a major factor for schools after this change to the playoffs as well. 

Teams that always have great seasons get decent recruits, but all they have on their record is that they went 12-2,  11-3, or 10-4. Adding that extra piece, such as making it to the playoffs every year or being potential title contenders would help bring in more recruits.

“I think it definitely will help and schools having that title of being in the playoffs will draw more attention,” said Lecky.

This also will bring in more money to schools or the NCAA in general. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s different, it’s entertaining, it’s longer than just two weeks, etc.

The College Football Playoffs need to be in the 12-team bracket instead of the 4-team bracket.