Road to 5k: Noon set to run to massive accomplishment on Friday


Will Todd

Senior Charlie Noon runs through his competition holding the football.

Charlie Noon is on the brink of something special.

The versatile senior football player is well within reach of hitting 5,000 career all-purpose yards in the next few games, something rarely seen at the high school level.

Even with such a big milestone in reach, Noon has been so focused on winning games that he didn’t even realize this achievement was near.

I never really knew I was even close to 5,000 yards until you reached out, but it’s pretty cool to know that I have accumulated all these yards since my sophomore year. Right now we’re really just locked in on the season. Sure, I’m excited but I can’t get caught up in it.”

At the moment, Noon has received several offers and interests from other schools, and that number is likely to increase after reaching a mark such as this.

As of right now at the beginning of the season, I have two offers to Thomas Moore University and Mount St. Joseph University. I’m also on a few more teams’ radars.”

Head football coach Bob Sphire said that the team is working hard on the recruiting process. 

“We’ve got a guy behind the scenes that’s been in our recruiting business. A guy named Ben Payne who sends a lot of material out to the colleges and this is the kind of information that when he puts it out there can kind of grab somebody’s attention.”

Sphire said this milestone showcases Noon’s versatility. 

“Obviously, learning that Charlie’s within the 5,000-yard mark for total production yards including runs, throws, catches, returns, and all that, it’s a great milestone for a young man, and I think it just really highlights his ability to make plays in space in so many different ways for our team and our program.”

Now that Noon has reached 5,000 yards, he said he wants to “shoot for 6,000 yards.” While this statement would seem bold to many, it doesn’t surprise the people around him. Coach Sphire described him as a “heck of a competitor,” and stated he “just wants to win.”

“I think everybody here is starting to understand the more the team succeeds, the more individuals succeed, and it can’t be the other way around. I think Charlie’s learning that too, but I know he’s a heck of a competitor on the field, and he simply just wants to win football games.”

With this being Noon’s senior year, many underclassmen see him as a role model and someone they look up to. His advice to the younger players was “Be confident in the ability you have and trust the system.”

In Sphire’s eyes, Noon sets the standard for the team.

Well, I think anytime you’ve got somebody setting a standard that others want to try to strive in the future to outdo, that just makes it better for everybody. I mean, who doesn’t want to be that next guy that can come and help their team?” 

Barring any injuries or game cancellations, this milestone is well within reach for Noon, and will likely happen at this week’s game against the Dixie Heights Colonels.  The game begins at 7:00pm at David Cecil Stadium on Friday.