Bengals Pre-Season Overview


Wikimedia Commons

Joe Burrow dropping back in the pocket to deliver the pass.

With the training camp this year the Bengals showed a lot of growth in the team with everyone like Joe Burrow and Jamar Chase the, dynamic duo, the offensive line, and the new upgrades. In right tackle there is La’el Collins, the right guard has Alex Cappa and the center is Ted Karras in free agency. 

The team is looking really dynamic and even better than last year when they tragically lost in the Super Bowl. With the team looking better than they did last year, it should mean that this year, the Bengals will hopefully win the Super Bowl or at least get there again.

To add to their team they drafted all defense for the first 3 picks. During the draft, the Bengals had a high pick (pick 31), due to them being in the Superbowl. With this pick, they got defensive back player Dax Hill from Michigan. 

This was a good pick because last year they had no up-to-scratch defensive backs and the only quality player was Jesse Bates. In the pre-season, he showed that he can be the number one defensive back on the team. 

The Bengal’s 63rd overall pick was another defensive back in Taylor-Britt from Nebraska. In training camp and pre-season he hasn’t shown anything special yet, but that can change over time because he is a rookie as of now. 

Probably the best pick from the draft was the 95th overall pick, Zach Carter from Flordia. In training camp and through pre-season, Carter looked really good and efficient. 

The best play that he had was during the Los Angeles Rams, in the preseason. He lined up to rush the quarterback and timed the snap perfectly, getting to the quarterback and forcing a fumble.

Radio voice of the Cincinnati Bengals, Dan Hoard said, “Rookie DT Zach Carter was dominant in one-on-one pass rush drills, winning with a quick burst at the line.”

The Bengals won a single game during the pre-season and lost the other two. The pre-season games don’t count for anything, but it helps let players that wouldn’t be on the starting team, get some playing time and a chance to prove to the coaches they can play during the regular season.

During those games, the Bengals did not have any key players that got injured. That was a problem with their division rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

T.J. Watt is the best player on the team and in the last game of the pre-season, he got injured. It’s not the worst injury, but him getting a little bit injured still hurts the Steelers, in a bad way.

Another injury that happened in the last game was receiver Tim Patrick on the Denver Broncos. The injury is a torn ACL, which will make him miss the whole season.

The Bengals are more of a complete team than last year, so hopefully, they can repeat what they did last season, but this time, bring home the Lombardi.