The Cincinnati Red’s luck: How has it impacted them this season?


The Cincinnati Reds have no doubt been the worst team with them having a record of (16-31).

The Reds got rid of two All-Star players on the team, Jesse Winker and Nicholas Castellanos. Then replaced them with some below-average players that aren’t as famous as others.

It has been hard for the Reds to win games this season.

They had a good start to the year splitting the series (getting two wins and getting two losses) with the raining champions the Atlanta Braves but after that, they went on to tie the franchise record for most consecutive road losses with 11 losses. 

To add to their terrible start to the season they had three key players get injured the catcher Tyler Stephenson, the Veteran first basemen Joey Votto and the former NL Rookie of the year Johnathan India. 

Luckily, Joey Votto and Tyler Stephenson are back from injury but arguably our best player Johnathan India is still not back. 

One of the main problems from last season was pitching.

The Reds have had bad pitchers last season other than Sonny Gray and Luis Castillo. 

Sadly, the Reds lost, however, we still have Casillo who might be our best pitcher. 

But to add to the injured list Casillo got injured in spring training before the season even started and missed multiple games

With the Reds losing a key pitcher they had to replace him and they drafted rookie Hunter Greene.

Greene is a rookie this year and he has already provided he can be the best pitcher on the team easily pitching over 100mph and having a change-up pitch of 90mph which is really good and messes up hitters a lot when he pitches. 

When the Reds were 2-12 at the beginning of the season the head coach David Bell was asked about the terrible start to the season and he said “From my standpoint, there are things that I get to see every day that are encouraging. I know it’s about results. I’m also very proud of the fact that our players continue to work. They continue to play hard. There are no excuses.” 

It’s still early in the season but if the Reds don’t get to at least 500 then the reds might not have a chance at a playoff birth.

Last year, the Reds were a decent team with their offense playing amazing and them having not-good pitching was a surprise they were that good.

They ended up losing almost the rest of their games last season when they only had to win around 4 games out of their last 12 and they couldn’t do that and they missed the playoffs. 

Hopefully, the reds can turn around their bad start to the season and try to make the playoffs, sign two good star players, and get a new GM (General Manager).