HHS Softball Ladybirds take on NCC at 36th District Finals


Mollie Anderson

Senior Anna Greenwell keeps the outfield in check.

Last night, the Ladybirds took on Newport Central Catholic for the 36th district finals game at NCC.

The game had a rough start. Both teams had many errors in the first few innings until the fourth. At the bottom of the fourth inning, Eighth-grader Morgan Pompilio was up to bat and hit it to left field to get a single. The game progressed from there, everyone was hitting.

The score was now 4-0. While Highlands was on defense a girl from NCC was attempting to steal 2nd base, however, Catcher Sophomore Michelle Barth noticed just in the nick of time. She threw the ball to shortstop Senior Anna Greenwell to get the 3rd out.

Later in the game, Greenwell got a home run making it the highlight of the night. The girls finished off the game with 6-0 winning the 36th District Finals. A

“I was pretty siked we were only up 2 so I feel like it gave all of us more confidence and made us all feel more comfortable,” said Greenwell.