March Madness: The final games


Hadley Leftin

March Madness final games roster.

Over spring break there were three games left for March Madness. In the final four, the games were North Carolina v.s. Duke and Kansas v.s. Villanova. North Carolina won the game v.s. Duke with a final score of 81-77, and Kansas won the game v.s. Villanova with a final score of 81-65. 

Kansas had an easy game v.s. Villanova. Kansas controlled the game most of the time making sure Villanova didn’t score any more points. 

The final game was played between North Carolina and Kansas. North Carolina started in the lead, finishing the first half with a score of 40-25. In the second half though, Kansas scored 47 points, while North Carolina only scored 29 points. The game finished with Kansas in the lead, 72-69. Kansas was led by No. 10, Jalen Wilson, and No. 33, David McCormack, both scoring 15 points.

North Carolina was the second number eight seed to make it to the finals. Villanova was the first number eight seed to make it to the finals in 1985. Villanova ended up winning the final game against the number one seed, Georgetown.

Seeds in March Madness determine where the team will be placed in each region. The highest-ranked team will eventually face the lowest-ranked team in each region of the bracket. The seeds rank from numbers one to sixteen. If a team is ranked No. 16, it means they are ranked No. 16 in their region. The committee for picking seeds will look at the team’s record, the strength of the schedule, and the quality of wins and losses. Typically, the top four teams will earn the No. 1 seed, the second four will earn the No. 2 seed, and so on. 

Kansas has won March Madness had won the final 3 times out of playing history, including the win against North Carolina. The first win was in 1988 against Oklahoma with a final score of 83-79. The second championship was 2008 v.s. Memphis, 75-68. 

During the Kansas v.s. North Carolina game Kansas had an “explosive showing” from the 3-point line, shooting 13-of-24, making 7 in the first half

The last time Kansas made it to the finals and won was in 1952 against Saint John’s with a final score of 80-63.

All of these games through the month of March led to the overall winner: The Kansas Jayhawks.