March Madness: Week 2


Hadley Leftin

Games that have happened so far and who is playing next.

The first and second rounds of March Madness have finished but there are still more rounds to come. The rounds that are left are Sweet 16, Elite 8, Semifinals, and Finals. The Sweet 16 games will be held in San Francisco California, San Antonio Texas, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and Chicago Illinois.

In the first round, Gonzaga beat Georgia State 93-72, Memphis beat Boise State 64-53, New Mexico State beat UConn 70-63, Arkansas beat Vermont 75-71, Notre Dame beat Alabama 78-64, Texas Tech beat Montana State 97-62, Michigan State beat Davidson 74-73, Duke beat CSU Fullerton 78-61, Baylor beat Norfolk State 85-49, North Carolina beat Marquette 95-63, Saint Mary’s beat Indiana 82-53, UCLA beat Akron 57-53, Texas beat Virginia Tech 81-73, Purdue beat Yale 78-56, Murray State beat San Francisco 92-87, Saint Peter’s beat Kentucky 85-79, Arizona beat Wright State 87-70, TCU beat Seton Hall 69-42, Houston beat UAB 82-68, Illinois beat Chattanooga 54-53, Michigan beat Colorado State 75-63, Tennessee beat Longwood 88-56, Ohio State beat Loyola 54-4, Villanova beat Delaware 80-60, Kansas beat Texas Southern 70-63, Creighton beat San Diego State 72-69, Richmond beat Iowa 67-63, Providence beat South Dakota State 66-57, Iowa State beat LSU 59-54, Wisconsin beat Colgate 67-60, Miami(FL) beat USC 68-66, and Auburn beat Jacksonville State 80-61.

In the second round, Gonzaga beat Memphis 82-78, Arkansas beat New Mexico State 53-48, Texas Tech beat Notre Dame 50-53, Duke beat Michigan State 85-76, North Carolina beat Baylor 93-86, UCLA beat Saint Mary’s 72-56, Purdue beat Texas 81-71, Saint Peter’s beat Murray State 70-60, Arizona beat TCU 85-80, Houston beat Illinois 68-533, Michigan beat Tennessee 76-68, Villanova beat Ohio State 71-61, Kansas beat Creighton 79-72, Providence beat Richmond 79-51, Iowa State beat Wisconsin 54-49, and Miami (FL) beat Auburn 79-61.  

There were some upsets in the first round where St. Peters(15) beat Kentucky(2) 85-79. In the second round North Carolina(8) beat Baylor(1) 93-86, Michigan(11) beat Tennessee(3) 76-68, and Miami (FL)(10) beat Auburn(2) 79-61. 

The teams advancing to the Sweet 16 are Arkansas, Gonzaga, Michigan, Villanova, Texas, Duke, Houston, Arizona, Saint Peters, Purdue, Providence, Kansas, UNC, UCLA, Iowa State, and Miami (FL). 

Game one and game three will be at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California. The teams playing are Arkansas v.s. Gonzaga at 7:09 and Texas Tech v.s. Duke at 9:39. Game two and game four will be at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. The teams playing are Michigan v.s. Villanova at 7:29 and Houston v.s. Arizona at 9:59. Game five will be Saint Peter’s v.s. Purdue at 7:09 PM. Game seven will be North Carolina v.s. UCLA at 9:39. Both games will be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Games six and eight will be Providence v.s. Kansas and Iowa State v.s. Miami (FL). These games will be at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. 

These games will lead to the final spot in the tournament. Determining if they will advance or stay behind.