Voices in the halls: How do you feel about the Bengals winning the AFC Championship?

On Sunday, January 30, The Cincinnati Bengals won the 2022 AFC Championship. We asked students and teachers about the Bengals going to the super bowl. We asked another obvious question: Should we be off for the day after the Super Bowl? 

Highlands High School Bluebird Academy Teacher and Boys Basketball Coach Kevin Listerman:

“I’m excited for the city (Cincinnatti).”

“No, because I would rather have the Friday of the NCAA off.”

Junior Celeste Gravett:

“I am extremely excited and I think everyone is very impressed with Joe Burrow because it’s only his second year.”

“Yes, because we went to the super bowl and we need to support our team.”

Sophomore Ila Hill Williams:

“Very excited for the Bengals.”

“Yes, because this is a very important time for the time and we haven’t been to the super bowl in a long time.”

Freshman Hank Shick:

“I feel great. It’s a moment in history.”

“Yes, because we have to party after they win.”

Freshman Diego Race:

“It’s great because it hasn’t happened in forever.”

“100% because it’s something to celebrate.”

Senior Sarah Deal:

“I think it’s awesome that we made it to the Super Bowl. Joe Burrow is very impressive and this is super cool.”

“Yes, only if it doesn’t push us more back in June.”