The who’s who’s of the NFL playoffs: Wild Card Weekend

     There were multiple scenarios leading into the NFL playoffs but only a couple could happen. The teams that had the biggest scenarios were the Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Indianapolis Colts. 

     They all were trying to get a playoff spot but only two could get in. The teams that came out on top were the Raiders and the Steelers. 

     The way they made it was the Colts had to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars and all the Colts had to do to keep a playoff spot was to win against the Jaguars. They soon ended up losing to arguably the worst team in the NFL. 

     However, the strange thing about the loss, is that the Colts have not beat the Jaguars at Jacksonville since 2014. The Colts were looking like a Super Bowl contender and now that they lost, they are completely out of the playoffs, which will come in handy for the Chargers, Raiders, and Steelers but only two can make it in the last two spots of the playoffs. 

     For the Steelers, they had to rely on the Colts to lose which they succeeded in, and now they have to win their game against a division rival the Baltimore Ravens. 

     The whole game was close; toward the end of the game it was tied and ended up going into overtime. The team that came out on top though kicking a game-winning field goal was the Steelers. 

     With the Steelers winning it comes down to the primetime game, the Chargers vs the Raiders. If the Chargers win then they will be in the playoffs and the Raiders would get knocked out, and vice versa. 

     If both teams tie then both will make the playoffs, with the Steelers getting knocked out of the playoffs. The game was really good, according to NFL Fox on Instagram, it’s in the running to win the game of the year award. 

     A reason why it’s in the running to win the title of game of the year is probably that it was a close game the whole time, a lot of action, and the Chargers amazing two-minute offenses converting on four fourth downs in the final minutes of the game and finding the endzone at the end.

     It was a high-scoring game with the final being 38-35 Raiders and ending in overtime. Steelers fans were on the edge of their seats the whole game because it came down to the last seconds in overtime, looking to be a tie. 

     The weird thing that happened was it looked like the Raiders were running out the clock to tie the game and get both of them in the playoffs, however, the Chargers called a timeout with two seconds left in the game, helping the Raiders end up kicking the game-winning field, however, it looked like they were running out the clock.