The influence of John Madden

When a person thinks of the name “Madden,” your brain might automatically go to the NFL football game Madden. This game has entertained kids and adults for over 30 years. The game was originally called ‘John Madden Football,’ and he remained on the cover of the game for many years.

On December 28, 2021, the football world mourned the loss of the great Madden. Many teams had a moment of silence for madden.

John Madden was born in Austin, Minnesota April 10, 1936. He played as an offensive and defensive lineman at California Polytechnic University and was drafted by the Eagles in 1958.

Madden decided in 1989 that the MVP of the annual Thanksgiving game should receive a turkey leg that year. In that year, it was given to Reggie White. The tradition has continued throughout history, up until now. 

Madden once said, “There are just certain things that go together, like the turkey, the family, the tradition, and football.”

He was a part of the NFL community for 42 years. He started professionally coaching in 1967 for the Oakland Raiders as their linebacker coach until 1969. Later on, Madden became their head coach and even took the team to win a Super Bowl. 

Madden retired from his coaching career in 1979. From there, he became a broadcaster for the NFL on CBS, commentating on many different games in the NFL.