HHS boys and girls varsity basketball team takes the court over Winter break


Jade Sandmann

Senior CC Shick guards the ball on defense.

     Over Winter Break, the boys and girls Highlands High School varsity basketball team continued with their games, despite HHS school being off. Over this period of time, the boys had five games and the girls had three games. 

     One of the teams the boys varsity played was against Taft High School.  

     “We came back from Taft after being down twenty points over halftime,” said Sophomore Lincoln Hicks. 

     The game ended with a score of 76 – 69, making HHS score another win. 

     The girls’ biggest game was the Assumption Rockets Christmas Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. They played three games and won two out of the three. They played Trimble County, Assumption, and Pikeville.

     Senior C.C. Shick said, “We were in the Assumption Rockets Christmas Tournament and we played Assumption and beat them. It was a good game because nobody thought we were going to win.”

     Before Assumption lost to Highlands, they had won nine games, only losing one. Highlands beat Assumption by five points and the final score was fifty-three to forty-eight.

     During the break, both basketball teams were allowed to go to the gym whenever during certain times. 

     Freshman Ellie Mohr said, “It was a reason to get up in the morning and it was exciting to go down to Louisville to play in the tournament and we did a lot of personal practices. We were also allowed to go to the gym whenever in between certain times.” 

     “I liked getting in the gym early in the morning,” said Freshman Hank Shick. 

     People in basketball have different positions but also have the same as other people. 

     Junior Ellie Walz said, “My position is shooting guard.” 

     However, Shick is a shooting guard and point guard. 

     Some eighth-graders are on the varsity team and get to play with all grades, and some even got the chance to play in the Assumption game.

     Eighth-grader Kaylee Mills said, “My favorite part about playing over break was getting to hang out with my teammates.”