The importance of streaks: an insight into the recent NFL scores


(Courtesy of Flickr)

Image of the NFL logo on a turf football field.

     During the 2021 NFL season, there have been a lot of turnarounds with the teams, although they have not all been good. However, the New England Patriots have really turned things around for the positive with a 7 game win streak, beating the Buffalo Bills 14-10. Before their seven-game win streak, their record was 2-4, making three of those losses close games. 

     Although, the New Orleans Saints were the complete opposite of the Patriots, as they began with a streak of 5-2, then leading to a five-game losing streak. Before this, they were looking like a playoff contender with them beating three well-known good teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Green Bay Packers, and the Patriots. Now being the last in their division, their next game is against the New York Jets on this upcoming Sunday.

     Another team that is turning things around for the better is the Washington Football Team. The team is now on a four-game win streak with them recently beating the Los Vegas Raiders 17-15. They now have a record of 6-6 and are second in their division, making them two games behind the Dallas Cowboys who have a score of 8-4. The team’s next game is against the Cowboys this upcoming Sunday and that game might determine who takes the crown in their division.

     Looking back at the American Football Conference (AFC), a team that was terrible at the beginning of the 2021 season, being last in their division, and looking like they were not going to make the playoffs is the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have a record of 8-4 and are on a five-game win streak with them recently beating the Denver Broncos 22-9. They were 4-4 before the beginning of their winning streak. A big reason for this winning streak is Patrick Mahomes throwing multiple interceptions at the beginning of the season. For the Chiefs, they have turned around and now are fourth in their conference.

      A team that is not being talked about much is the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins also have a five-game winning streak and a record of 6-7 with them being one game behind the Bills. The Dolphins almost made the playoffs during the 2020 season but got shut down by the Bills. So many people are wondering if they can sneak past the Bills and clinch a wildcard spot in the AFC during this year’s season. 

      Besides all the teams with the win streaks, there are still a lot of good teams that will make it even if they do not have a massive win streak. Individuals from all over the United States of America wait in anticipation over what the turnout is going to be for their beloved teams.