Split success: An overview of the Boys Basketball season


Haley Barth

Senior Zach Barth goes up to score a layup against Walton Verona High School.

     The Highlands High School Boys Basketball team starts off their season strong with a record of 3-2. The teams that they have played against were Walton Verona High School, Cane Ridge High School, McCracken County High School, and Scott High School. 

     Walton Verona High School

     Unfortunately, the Birds started off the season with a loss against the Walton Verona Wildcats, losing by a score of 94-97. 

     The team had a total of 39 field goals(2pt and 3pt), 7 total 3-point field goals, 9 free throws, and a total of 26 rebounds were made. 

     The team was led by Senior Zach Barth with 36 points, Junior Will Herald with 23 points, and Senior Cole Kocher with 10 points.

     In the first quarter, the Bluebirds were down 28-31, and the Birds were still down 44-57 at the end of the second quarter. By the third quarter, the Birds made a heroic effort to tie the game – 76-76. Unfortunately, the Birds fell short with a final score of 94-97. 

     Cane Ridge High School

     In the Bird’s second game, they had their first victory for the 2021-2022 season against Cane Ridge High School with a score of 86-79. 

     A total of 30 field goals (2pt and 3pt), 11 total 3-point field goals, 15 total free throws, and a total of 27 rebounds were made. 

     The team was led by Senior Zach Barth with 26 points. Following closely behind him is Junior Will Herald with a total of 25 points, and Senior Cole Kocher with 8 points. 

     McCracken County High School

     The team has their second loss of the season against McCracken County High School. 

     The team had a total of 24 field goals (2pt and 3pt), 3 total 3-point field goals, 6 free throws made, and a total of 33 rebounds. 

     The team was led by Seniors Zach Barth with 14 points, Oliver Harris with 10 points, and Junior Will Herald with 10 points.

     Scott High School

     The boys won their fourth game of the season against the Scott Eagles, making it the second win of their season. 

     Seniors Zach Barth with a total of 23 points, Oliver Harris with 16 points, and Cole Kocher with 13 points. 

     There were a total of 29 field goals (2pt and 3pt), 4 total 3 points made, and 13 free throws were made. 

     In the first quarter, the Birds led with a score of 21-17. During the second quarter, the Birds continue leading 40-39, and the third quarter with 64-51. 

     The boys worked hard against the Eagles and finished with a win with a final score of 75-68.

     St. Henry High School

      The team came on top with another win and a final score of 65-55 against the St. Henry Crusaders, making that their third win of the season. 

     Even with illness affecting some of the team, the birds were able to pull it off with 2 wins in a row. 

     The boys play next on December 13 against the Campbell County Camels at 7:30.