Ladybirds drop first three to start season


Liam Downie

Freshman Ellie Mohr watches as the coach makes final calls on the game.

The Highlands High School Basketball Ladybirds lost their first three games of the season. The teams the team played against were Dixie Heights High School, Cooper High School, and Owen County High School. 

After losing six-strong senior players, the team is working on rebuilding, starting a young roster with two seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, three freshmen, and four eighth-graders. 

On December 2, their first loss was against the Dixie Heights Colonels that ended with a final score of 22-66.

A bright spot in the game was Freshman Marissa Green who made a two-point layup to tie up the last few minutes in the first quarter.

However, by halftime, Dixie was playing a press defense and held the Ladybirds to a lead by gaining 31 points. With this shortfall the ending score for the second quarter was 14-45, making the Birds fall short in the fourth quarter losing 22-66. 

Freshman Ellie Mohr commented on the game against Dixie and what she can improve on in the next games. 

“I think personally I could’ve drove to the basket more on offense and not have as many turnovers as I did.” 

On Monday, December 6, the HHS Ladybirds tragically ended with a score of 37-52 against Owen County. Even with Green adding 20 points to the scoreboard alone, the Ladybirds couldn’t manage to reach Owen County’s high score. 

At the end of the first quarter, the ending score was 10-4. 

The Ladybirds managed to make a big jump in the second quarter heading into halftime, making the score 16-24, however, Owen County stayed in the lead. 

Heading out of halftime the Ladybirds continued to be down by several points, making the score 26-42. 

With the game only having a few minutes left, it ended with Owen County on top with a score of 37-52.

HHS Girls Basketball Coach Jaime Richey said, “The first two teams are the top in the region and the girls that stepped on the court were eighth-graders, freshman, and sophomores that have never played varsity in their life.”

The next girls basketball game is tonight, December 9, at 6 P.M. at home and is against Mercy McAuley High School.