Hoops For Hunger: Giving back to the community


Jenna Richey

With two canned goods or more, members of the community can come and enjoy Hoops for Hunger.

      A truck pulls up next to the building. The vehicle filled with hundreds of donated cans from members of the Fort Thomas community. Volunteers unload the donations and prepare them to be served to the surrounding communities which involve the less fortunate. 

      Every year, the Highlands High School basketball programs help give back to the community by running Hoops for Hunger. 

      Hoops for Hunger is a charity event run by the Highlands Athletics Program. At this event, the girls and boys basketball teams have members of the community come together to watch them demonstrate their talent, but also donate cans to a chosen charity and organization.

      This year the organization chosen is the Henry Hosea House.  

      The Henry Hosea House is a non-profit organization in Newport, Kentucky which helps serve the hungry and those in poverty. 

      The mission of the Henry Hosea House is to provide food and nourishment for the bodies of the men, women, and children of the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area. This organization believes that every person, regardless of age, condition, or circumstance, deserves a life worth living. 

      At this event, with their two canned donations for admission, community members gather in the gym to watch the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams show off their skills and talent. 

     Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Kevin Listerman’s team contributes to the event every year.

      “We collect the canned goods and we deliver them down to the Henry Hosea House and then, this year we are doing it a bit differently. We are also putting out flyers in the neighborhoods and collecting canned goods from the neighborhoods the players live in.”

     The basketball teams showcase this by doing different drills and activities like scrimmaging and other fun drills that engage the crowd. They also get the crowd involved, such as an audience shooting contest. 

      “It’s a way to give back to people that may be less fortunate than some of us and it’s something that we can get together and support our athletes but also support the community as well,” stated Highlands High School Athletic Director Wes Caldwell. 

      This year Hoops for Hunger will be held on Tuesday, November 23 at 7:00 P.M. in the HHS gym.