Seniors by 90: Powderpuff 2021

     Lights glare onto the field, as the crowd divides. Gusts of cold air brace over the stadium. Both teams are ready to begin, as fans cheer to kick off the night.  

     On Tuesday, October 9, the annual Powderpuff game was held between the juniors, sporting gray, and seniors, decked out in blue. The game ended up with the seniors pulling out ahead with a win of 28-6.

     Junior Maura Eckerle recalls how fun it was to be with her classmates. 

     “Powderpuff was a really fun bonding activity for me and my classmates. I loved the opportunity to have fun playing and cheering everyone on with the girls in my grade.”

     The stands were filled with parents, community members, and double the O-ZONES.

     Senior Anna Greenwell started the game as quarterback for the seniors giving them the first two touchdowns of the first half.

     The seniors kept up the momentum throughout the game with the score being 22-0 at halftime.

     Although, at the beginning of the second half the juniors fought back hard with a score of 20-6.

     According to Senior Gracie Blasingame, the game was a toss-up, not knowing who would win. 

     “Going into powderpuff I was a little nervous the juniors were going to win. But I thought it could go either way.”

     Despite this, the seniors finished out strong making the final score of 28-6.

     This event originally began several years ago as a fundraiser. This year the foundations chosen were the Lilliana Schlack Foundation and Sam Scott Memorial Fund. Overall ticket sales combined with donations, the school raised 26 hundred dollars. 

     The junior team will come back next year as seniors, ready to defeat the class of 2024.