Chicks and Chucks: saving lives one by one


Emerson Fraley

Highlands Parents Michelle Bracken, Mary Schneider, teacher Beth Brubaker, and Chicks and Chucks Founder Cathy “Chick Halloran” pose for a photo before doing an audio recording for the Pink Out game.

     This Friday David Cecil Memorial Stadium will showcase a different color than the typical blue and white. 


     This Friday is the last regular season football game, which is one of the biggest games of the year against rival Covington Catholic High School, which will support the local Breast Cancer organization Chicks and Chucks

     This organization, founded by local breast cancer survivor, Cathy Halloran,  is a non-profit organization that is a resource to breast cancer patients who require products and services. Most of them have little to no financial means to acquire what they need.

     Breast cancer was a life-changing journey for Halloran.

     “Breast cancer changed my career path, prior to diagnosis I worked in Fort Thomas Preschool, including special needs preschoolers. After diagnosis, I have had the privilege of becoming a Certified Mastectomy/Prosthetic Wig fitter at St. Elizabeth for over 18 years.”

      According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is a tumor or lump on the breast that is a form of cancer. A small number of cancers start in other tissues in the breast. 

     “After I was informed that I had breast cancer and told I would be undergoing chemotherapy for 8 months, it was a real wake-up call. “

     Chicks and Chucks uses its positive energy to raise money to supply products and services for breast cancer patients/survivors in our communities. 

     Chicks and Chucks will do whatever they can to address their emotional as well as financial needs. 

     FBLA Sponsor and Business teacher Elise Carter said, ”We have teachers who have benefited from their services, so they are family. Each year we help them provide an impact on our community.

     The organization has always wanted everyone to feel the warm welcome as they do when they help save other lives. Chicks and Chucks have inspired many to fight for their life and that someone is always there for them no matter what. 

     Halloran stated, “The money donated to Chicks & Chucks goes to supply a post-surgical garment for each lumpectomy or mastectomy patient. Each patient receives a resource book once a diagnosis is given. We purchase bras, prosthetics, wigs and offer limited financial assistance with local breast cancer warriors. Our goal is to enable each patient to focus on their treatment plan with the goal of gaining strength, and health back.”

     Currently, there are more than 3.8 million women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, according to According to, 1 in 8 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with breast cancer.

     “Our goal is to enable each patient to focus on their treatment plan with the goal of gaining strength, and health back. We have received continued support from the communities, area schools, church groups, neighbors, family, friends, and friends of friends.”

     While wrapping up this football season Chicks and Chucks is here to support the team and anyone who is fighting a battle. 

     Regional Cancer Control Specialist at the University of Kentucky Cancer program, Mary Scheinder stated, “Chicks and Chucks has empowered women to get back to a great quality of life and take on survivor journey,”

     Chicks and Chucks has had many events all throughout this year. Visit their website for more information

     Go support Chicks and Chucks on their battle to fight off breast cancer by going to this upcoming football game against Covington Catholic. Happy Chick-tober!