Shick knocks the ball out of the court with her one-thousandth kill


Treiston Collins

Senior Cecilia Shick reflects on her one-thousandth kill.

     On Thursday, September 23, the Highlands High School girls volleyball team played against Holy Cross High School, which the birds had ended up losing to the opposing team, however, a player had hit a long-awaited achievement in their volleyball career.

     Senior Cecilia Shick had scored her thousandth kill against the Holy Cross in the second set of the varsity game.

     “It’s really exciting, being able to hit that many kills are amazing, especially when it’s against Holy Cross,”

     A kill in volleyball is whenever you get a set, you go for your hit and the ball smacks the ground earning the team a point.

     “I wasn’t sure if I could do it until this year, so it was very exciting to have been able to hit that 1k mark.”

     Shick plays the middle blocker position on the right side, giving her the opportunity of a lifetime.

     According to, middle sets are some of the most difficult to set and require good passes, therefore middles often get the fewest sets but have the best hitting percentages.

     “Over the years, it was honestly just something that kind of happened. With all the different setters I’ve had, they helped me get here.”

     Not only is this a victory for Shick herself, but it’s also a team victory for Highlands.

     Shick plays tonight at home for their Cake Classic game.