Sarakatsannis shows off her leadership qualities, dominating girls varsity volleyball 2021-2022 season


Senior Sophia Sarakatsannis prepares herself to get ready to play a match with her teammates.

     The game’s tension was fierce as the ladybirds entered the fifth set against Beechwood High School. They were neck and neck until the very end. The crowd was on the edge of their seats waiting to see who would get the final touch. The O-ZONE and parents went crazy after Highlands High School had finally won after battling for this extraordinary victory. 

     Senior Sophia Sarakatsannis is one of the captains for varsity volleyball and has accomplished so much these past 4 years. 

     Sarakatsannis disclosed her hopes for the 2021-2022 season. 

     “I just hope that by the end of the season we have had a winning season and have learned to work together very efficiently.” 

     Sarakatsannis commented on her position as an outside hitter, which has her playing the entire game, allowing her to also play back-row to pass. 

     “I enjoy playing this position because I can stay on the court the whole game and get to pass and hit! It’s very fun because I can do both and get a ton of reps.” 

     As of September 9, the varsity Bluebirds have a record of 15 wins and three losses, which she and her whole team is very proud of. One of Sarakatsannis’ favorite memories for this season has been the O-ZONE cheering them on during the match against Beechwood. 

     Sarakatsannis recalled the roaring sound of the O-ZONE. 

     “It was so much fun to look over after big points and see them going crazy. We ended up winning in the fifth set and the ozone went crazy.” 

     One of Sarakatsannis’ teammates, Senior CC Shick, discussed how Sarakatsannis is a great leader. 

     “She has this leadership about her that everybody follows and goes after.”

     Julie Sarakatsannis, Sophia’s mom, commented on what she enjoys about her daughter playing volleyball. 

     “I enjoy watching her develop friendships with all of her teammates.” 

     Sophia started playing volleyball at the Woodfill Elementary School, then deciding to try out for the seventh-grade team at Highlands Middle School. 

     Sarakatsannis also played club volleyball for Northern Kentucky Junior Volleyball and was on the 17’s National Team. 

     Sarakatsannis shared which type of volleyball team she prefers. 

     “I prefer school volleyball because I love representing my school and playing with my friends. I think playing in my own gym that I walk past every day is special, making the atmosphere very different.”  

     Outside of volleyball Sophia loves to hang out with her friends, play spike ball, and read. She also loves to attend other HHS sporting events to cheer her fellow Bluebirds on. 

     Sarakatsannis does not plan on playing volleyball in college instead, she hopes to attend a college outside of Kentucky to pursue a job in the medical field after college. 

     “I’m sure this season will be the most memorable looking back, as I am surrounded by my best friends on the court. HHS volleyball is supported and loved by all within it and it is truly a special thing to be a part of.”