Ladybirds defeat Holmes in a high flying match


Elly Wira

The Ladybirds group together after an amazing play against Holmes High School.

     On Wednesday, September 8, the Ladybirds faced another challenge in their 2021-2022 volleyball season. Coming from Covington, Kentucky, the Holmes High School Bulldogs challenged them in both the junior varsity (JV) and varsity teams. 

     In the first set, Highlands had a strong start, scoring the first point of the game. The Bulldogs soon struck back, resulting in Holmes scoring three consecutive points.

      The Birds weren’t going to go down that easily, so they soon one-uped the Bulldogs by scoring four points in a row, making the score 5-3.

     Holmes was desperate to stay in the game, so after scoring another point, they had ended Highlands’ rally. 

     From here on, Highlands started to dominate Holmes on the court.

     Sophomore Annie Ellison discussed how hard her team played. 

     “On the intensity scale, it was only really a one, we played hard and won, not even close.”

     The first set ended with a score of 25-14.

     Once the second set had started, Holmes scored the first point of the game. For the next few scores, Highlands and Holmes traded back and forth scoring points. 

 The Birds scored nine more points, and the domination kept on! They worked together, keeping an amazing synergy.

     Senior Madison Clore commented on how her team’s energy lined up perfectly. 

     “I think we came together as a team and used all our energy in this new lineup and made it work.”

     The second set ended with a score of 25-10, as Highlands pumped up for the third and final set.

     Starting it off, Holmes missed a serve, giving the Birds the first point of the third and final set. The Birds took this mistake from Holmes to the end, winning the third set 25-8.

     Clore stated how every game feels. 

     “We may have won, but it was still intense, every game is intense.” 

     The next girls volleyball game is on August 16 and begins at 5:30 at home turf. In this game, Ladybirds will play Saint Henry District High School.