Rainey dominates National Junior Boxing Olympics


(Courtesy of Sonteo Media)

Sophomore Kamauri Rainey holds up his arms in victory after winning the USA National Boxing Junior Olympics.


     The announcer had officialized it, Sophomore Kamauri “King” Rainey was named the gold medal winner in the USA National Boxing Junior Olympics. 

     Rainey, a 5’1 100-pound lightweight, received this medal on August 18, 2021, held in Lubbock, Texas. His final challenge that stood in his way was Tashad Thomas from Philadelphia, PA, which he rained victorious over.

     Rainey commented on his belief over how he played. 

     “I [really] felt like I was the best.”  

     Initially in the match, with the shoes squeaking, sweat dripping, and the clock ticking down, the fight was going slow for Rainey in the Junior Olympics. 

     Rainey’s football experience helps with boxing as well.  

     “[It] helps with my footwork and physicality in the ring.”

     This moment was built up to six years of blood, sweat, and tears. The first time Rainey touched a pair of boxing gloves was when he was just 10 years old. 

     Rainey had won silver previously, but this was his first gold. 

     Rainey divulged some troubles in his childhood due to his size. “I used to get into a lot of fights when I was younger because I was smaller.” 

     This gave him the motivation to be where he is now. By continuing to use his determination to his advantage, he made it to the 2018 Silver Gloves, 2019 Junior Olympic National Championships, and 2019 Silver Gloves. 

     The process of qualifying is a slow process, according to Rainey,  “[It takes] more than 5 fights to qualify” with having to prepare differently for each opponent and fight mentally and physically. 

     Head Football Coach Bob Sphire discussed how these sports work together. 

     “The competitiveness of boxing correlates well with the competitive nature of other sports, especially with football.”

     Rainey disclosed how his dad was a real motivation and a true push in training him to be where he is now. 

     “Everyone in my family and people I knew was proud of me, and my dad was excited.”

Watch the match here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo2EGrOAAUs