Cross country returns for a strong start to the season


Senior Thomas Gray-Torsell runs cross country during the 2020-2021 school year.

Cleats hit against the hot grass. You look over at your peers while sweat drips off your chin, sighing in relief that you no longer have to mask while running. 

It’s that time of year again. Cross country season at Highlands High School is underway.

The HHS Cross Country team has had many practices this season. Although the HHS Cross Country team has only attended one race, they look forward to running at more meets coming up. They have performed really well so far, while Malcolm Robertson got first place, which was played at Notre Dame High School. 

They have been able to meet up more than they would have last year at this time, which was due to the rise in COVID-19 cases. Getting back to the “normal cross country life” is something the runners are thrilled to happen.

Sophomore Conner Mohr commented on his relief over the return to normalcy. 

“I think when I noticed my life finally going back to normal [was] when they lifted the mask ban.”

While COVID-19 interrupted a big part of runners’ lives, such as pushing practices back, having to wear masks, and staying 6-feet-apart, they were still able to run despite these many restrictions. 

Now that many of these restrictions have been lifted, the team feels like they get to finally enjoy their meets and practices. 

Freshman Adrianne Harris discussed the complications that COVID-19 has placed on the team. 

“I think we have already had to push a lot [back] this year, due to losing our state championship, we know we have to fill in for that.”

Even with the challenges of COVID-19, the team still faces problems like how they have to “fill in” for the old runners. Despite these challenges, the team is optimistic and hopeful for many victories to come their way. 

Cross Country Coach Brian Alessandro discussed his hope for the new season. 

”Even though the season just started I have a really good feeling about this year, and we started off really good already.” 

The next cross country meet is September 21 at A.J. Jolly Park.