Positive outlook for Highlands football after a big win against Bowling Green


Lexie Crawford (clip photo from 2021)

Last year, the Highlands High School varsity football team defeated Boone County with a score of 43-0.

     “This year has been a big culture change. People are getting a better attitude about the season and we are working a lot harder than we did in the past.” 

     Varsity football team captain Senior Kaleb Kisse’s statement reflects the attitude of the Highlands High School football team for the 2021 season. 

     On August 21, the varsity football team traveled to Western Kentucky University (WKU). 

     Head football coach, Bob Sphire, expressed his feelings towards the game against Bowling Green. 

     “They have worked really hard and it was a good football team [Bowling Green High School] that we beat down there in Western Kentucky which is in their backyard. The kids deserved to win because of the work they put in.”

     Although it’s only the beginning of the season, the football team is expecting great things to come from this year. This game represents what is to come from this football season. 

     Sophomore Carson Class said the win was a great one. 

     “I think winning against Bowling Green was a great win because they were Kentucky State Champions last year. It was also just the beginning of the year and every team is going to improve over the season so we will see how good they are later this year.” 

     That, according to Junior Noah Hodge is because the team is a family. 

     “The team this year is stronger with team bonding and along with physically. Last year, we didn’t have that, and it is something we have this year which shows how we are a much better team.” 

     Showing their hard work dedication, the football team comes in every morning at 6:00 AM to begin their morning workout.  

     Freshman Hayden Hass commented on how the morning lifts benefit the team and how they can get more practice time to grow stronger individually and as a team. 

     “You have to be strong to play football and it gives us more time to practice in the afternoons. Last year they had lift days and field days so if we do both on the same day, which makes us able to get more done.” 

     The next varsity football game is tonight, August 27 at 7:00 PM, at and against Simon Kenton High School. Tickets will be sold online from Go Fan. The game will be streamed on 859 Sports Radio