Boys tennis wins against Ryle


Chelsie Cooley

The boys’ tennis team gather together for a pregame huddle to discuss strategy.

     On May 10, the boy’s tennis Birds defeated Ryle High School 5-0. The Birds were very excited about this outstanding victory. They are looking forward to the continuation of this amazing season. 

     Senior Peter Laskey commented on Highlands’ victory, saying, “Overall, all six matches for the varsity and JV were competitive. My opponent had a similar playing style, so it was a fun match.” 

     Laskey scored 6-3 and 6-2 during his individual matches, making for great individual wins for Laskey. 

     Freshman Elias Hornsby expressed his excitement for the upcoming regionals, commenting, “I’m excited for regionals coming up this weekend and for the chance to go downstate! My partner, [freshman] Eli Back, and I are starting to play well together and we demonstrated our skills pretty well against Ryle.”

     The rest of the team also feels that they’ve done well and improved a lot this year. 

     Sophomore John Laskey stated, “The win was really satisfying, I felt I played some of my best on Monday. Our team is so strong this year and I think we could take the region title as a team.”

     The boy’s tennis team is excited to take on regionals.