Highlands Baseball Birds fall short a win against Moeller during stomach-churning game


Liam Downie

Senior Evan Rom prepares himself for pitching against a Moeller player.

     On Friday, April 30, the Highlands High School baseball team played against Moeller and lost 17-8. The birds had played hard throughout all eight innings.

     In the first inning, Moeller started strong scoring the first hit of the inning, then the incline had begun, scoring two more later on, and ending the inning with the Moeller Crusaders having a 3-0 lead on Highlands.

     Moving onto the second inning, Moeller had scored two home runs at about the midpoint of the inning, slowly increasing their lead to 5-0 over highlands.

    Coming into the third inning, the Birds had kept their defense high, not allowing Moeller to score another point, however, Moeller also held strong as well, keeping Highlands at bay, moving forward with their 5-0 lead.

     The fourth inning comes right around the corner, with Moeller scoring another point on highlands at the start. Soon after, the birds finally scored their first point of the game, bringing the score 6-1.

But it doesn’t stop there.

With the determination burning in the Bluebird’s blood, they went on to score a second home run right after the first point. The Birds continued putting more points on the board, ending the inning with a score of 6-4.

     “I think we performed pretty well. I put the ball in play and that is really all I wanted to do,” said Senior Braden Baioni.

     Into the fifth inning, Moeller kicks it off with a home run, followed by another one soon after. Then the boys had scored three points right after, ending the fifth inning 8-7 with Moeller in the lead.

     Heading into the sixth inning, the birds tie up the score 8-8, which will be their final point for the rest of the game. The final score was 17-8 with a Moeller win over the Highlands Bluebirds.

To continue in supporting the Baseball birds, their next home game will be at Highland Park on May 13 at 5:30 against Scott County.