Highlands girls softball season recap

Sophomore Kennedy Baioni prepares to hit a line drive.

Sophomore Kennedy Baioni prepares to hit a line drive.

So far the Highlands High School girls softball team has a score of  11-4, making for a really good record for the birds. In their first game, they started off hot, beating Lloyd Memorial High School 19-0. In total there were 14 at-bats and 13 bases by balls. Senior Caroline Class said, “My guess for our record this year will be around 31-9 by the time playoffs start because we play some tough teams with our schedule this year, but we definitely will have a large winning record with the talent we have and my favorite part about the team is the relationships all of the girls build together and the way we work together as a team to win games.”

In their second game against Ursuline Academy, they lost only by one point with Junior Anna Greenwell getting the first home run of the season and the only home run in the game. In total there was 38 people at-bat with only 12 hits.

The third game was a blowout against Holy Cross High School winning 17-2, making the start to a ten-game winning streak. During the game, freshman Michelle Barth got the only home run of the game. Highlands was at bat 20 times with a total of 13 hits and 13 Runs Batted in (RBI).

In the fourth game at the start of a great season, they played George Rogers Clark High School, winning 7-2 with Barth getting another home run in back-to-back games.

In the fifth game, they won against Corbin High School scoring 14-1. Sophomore Kennedy Biaoni and junior Anna Greenwell both got home runs in that game. In total, Highlands was at bat 29 times, had 13 hits, and 11 RBI’s in that game.

In the sixth game, the birds had another successful win against  Pike County Central High School, the score totaling 13-1. Sophomore Carley Cramer was at-bat two times, getting two hits, three RBI’s, a one-third base hit, and one home run, which was the first for her in the season.

In the seventh game, Highlands had another outstanding win against Bellevue High School, winning 19-3. In total Highlands scored 30 bats and 13 hits. 

In the eighth game against Mason County High School, the birds won 15-2 and with a total score being at 28 bats, 16 hits, and 15 RBI’s.

In the ninth game of the season, Highlands played against Holmes High School, winning once again, with a score of  17-2. In total, Highlands was at bat 25 times, 13 hits, and 15 RBI’s.

In the tenth game, the softball birds won 10-0 against Connor with one home run and it was by Carley Cramer. In total, Highland was at bat 27 times, 12 hits, and only 8 RBI’s.

Highlands eleventh game was by far their highest-scoring game-winning against Newport Central Catholic 21-1 with junior Anna Greenwell and freshman Bailey Markus getting the two only home runs. In total, Highland was at bat 29 times, 14 hits, and 17 RBI’s. Freshman Bailey Markus said “We should have a pretty good record with how many games we have coming up. We should be at least 20-6 my favorite part about playing for the Highlands softball team is getting to know the girls, the inside jokes with the team, little games we play at practice. We have a great group of girls and we all get along great which helps us play better on the field.”

Highlands’ twelfth game was a win against Turpin 4-2 but made for the last win of their ten-game win streak. In this game, Highlands had no home runs and was at-bat a total of 26, ten hits, and four RBI’s.

Sadly, in the thirteenth game, they lost to Henry County High School by a score of 4-8, beginning the start of a three-game losing streak. In the game there was one home run by Barth, making for her third home run of the season. In total Highlands was at bat 29 times, with four hits, and four RBI’s.

In the fourteenth game, they lost to Pendleton County High School with 6-7 in a close game. In total, Highland was at bat 27 times, with seven hits, and four RBI’s.

In their fifteenth game of a good season, Highlands lost to Dixie Heights High School, with a score of 5-9 and zero home runs. In total, Highlands was at bat 28 times, with nine hits, and five RBI’s.

Sophomore Kennedy Baioni said, “Everyone gets along and we all are able to talk and work things out with each other on and off the field. We weren’t expected to be a very good team in preseason rankings and as of now we have been able to prove so many people wrong and we are starting to get our name out there.”