Highlands basketball Birds achieve major win against Simon Kenton


Megan Benzing

Junior Zach Barth dribbles around, waiting for the chance to take the ball up.

On Tuesday, the Highlands boys varsity basketball team took on Simon Kenton High School, defeating them with a final score of 98-70.

The Birds started off slow, falling a few points short to Simon Kenton, but, midway through the first quarter, they were able to get some steals to help come back with a ten-point lead. The team kept this lead throughout the first quarter, ending with a score of 29-18.

Once the second quarter began, the Pioneers attempted to stay strong on defense, but senior Sam Vinson helped the Bluebirds keep a steady lead whilst having a strong mindset.

“Just continue pushing the ball, pressing the ball and getting up in it and trying to score as many points as we can,” Vinson said regarding his mindset during the game.

During a timeout, the Birds were up by 20 points, making the score 40-20. The team stepped up on offense and dominated the second quarter with the end score being 54-28.

The third quarter was much more action-filled, and both teams gave full effort with a tad more aggression. This led to several fouls on both teams.

Around the 1:30 mark left in the quarter, junior Zach Barth shot and made a two-point free throw, pushing the Birds further ahead with their lead in the game. This left the Birds up 72-49 by the end of the quarter.

This quarter went much faster as many players such as sophomore guard William Herald and senior forward Luke Muller led the team in three-point bank shots.

Highlands continued to control the fourth quarter, noting the score halfway through was 90-61, a little less than a 30 point lead. With a minute left in the game, junior Abe Hils shot a three-pointer before the buzzer went off, creating an even further point difference.

Team leaders of the game were Vinson, with 29 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists, and 9 steals; and sophomore Herald, coming in with the second-highest score of 24 points. Muller and junior Oliver Harris, both varsity forwards, helped the team as well. Muller contributed 19 points and five three-pointers and Harris added 12 points and six rebounds.

“I was pleased that we stayed focused,” Coach Kevin Listerman said about their big lead throughout the game. “Having a big lead at halftime, sometimes you come out here a little flat and get sloppy with turnovers. So we did a very good job of staying within ourselves and actually extending the lead.”