Highlands hosts a co-ed wrestling match against Boone County, Grant County, and Covington Catholic on Senior night


Emma Healey

Senior Peter Laskey is seen competing against an opponent from Campbell County High School at their match last Sunday, February 14th.

     Highlands High School Co-ed Wrestling team had a game last Sunday, February 14th. They were competing against Campbell County High School, where the team played an individual event, not a team v.s. team. The HHS Wrestling team performed to the best of their ability. Match by match they kept a good spirit!

     “We have a lot of girls and boys who have never wrestled before,” Caldwell discusses how he is looking forward to seeing the growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. They managed to push through each different match. 

     Coach of the Highlands High School Co-ed wrestling team, John Hazeres, commented stating, “I’m very proud of all 22 bluebirds wrestlers, and were on the right track.” Hazeres is excited to have his team grow, develop, and better themselves match by match. 

     Highlands High School Co-ed Wrestling team is improving day by day, as the year goes on. The sport means a lot to each of the students and coaches, which is an important aspect of the respect that each of the teammates has for each other and for good teamwork. They plan on continuing to grow and push themselves. Overall we are all excited to see what they have to come for this year!