The craze of the 2020-2021 NFL season

     If the 2020-2021 National Football League (NFL) season could be described in one word, it would be crazy.

     On November 29, 2020, Week 12 of the season, the Denver Broncos played the New Orleans Saints and all of their quarterbacks were under COVID-19 protocol, so they did not have a quarterback to play. Wide receiver Kendall Hinton came from the practice squad to play quarterback, which he had not played since high school. Hinton did not practice or know the playbook, so he was completely lost when calling the plays. He was 1-9 for 13 yards, zero touchdowns, and two interceptions and the Broncos ended up losing that game 31-3. 

      From Week 1 to Week 12, the Pittsburgh Steelers were 11-0 first time in the franchise. Everyone thought the Steelers were going to 16-0 and win the Super Bowl, but on week 13 against the 4-7 Washington Football Team, Washington pulled off a miracle and beat the Steelers 23-7, breaking their perfect season. After that, the Steelers won one game out of five games and finished the season 12-4. 

     Rookie and Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was injured in Week 11. He tore multiple ligaments, so he had to undergo surgery and rehabilitation  to heal his leg. On Christmas 2020, he started walking. 

     According to the LINEUPS website, the Superbowl LV odds say Chiefs, Packers, and Bills are the top teams that will win the Super Bowl.So far, that looks pretty accurate. 

      Bills Super Fan freshman Adam Grimme said “I think [the Bills are] going to win because we have a lot of young superstars on our team.”

     On Sunday, January 24,  the Bills will face the Kansas City Chiefs to make it to the Superbowl. In week six of the regular season, the Bills lost to the Chiefs 26-17 in a close game. When the Chiefs and Browns competed in the playoffs on January 17, the Chiefs won 22-17 with a back up quarterback. In that same game, the Chief’s quarterback Patrick Mahomes scrambled for a first down and on the tacke the Brown’s defender tackled him by the neck and gave him a concussion. He was out for the rest of that game and we still don’t know if he will be back for the Bills vs. Chiefs game. Also in that game, Mahomes suffered a toe injury called “toe turf.” Toe turf is a sprain usually in the big toe which happens when one stubs their toe in the turf while playing a sport.

     On the National Football Conference (NFC) side of things, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the New Orleans Saints in a close game. It was the Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees last game. Even though he did not retire with his second Superbowl ring, at least he retired losing to Tom Brady. 

     Green Bay Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers is having  an MVP season and possibly the best season in his career. 

     Brady has six Superbowl rings and has the most experience in the playoffs. He is arguably the best quarterback to ever play. He is also the oldest player in the NFL right now and is still playing well.