Highlands Volleyball takes on Holy Cross for a riveting three games


Megan Benzing

Junior Madison Clore serves to Holy Cross.

     On October 6, the Highlands volleyball teams had some intense matches against Holy Cross High School. 

     The freshman team had a slow start to their first game, but began to pick up the pace after the first timeout was called. The Ladybirds kept pushing through, working towards a win. Freshman Annie Ellison had multiple spikes on Holy Cross, helping to lead their team to victory.

     After much effort and hard work given by all the players, the Birds came out on top with two wins out of the three games. 


     The junior varsity volleyball team held their own against Holy Cross as well. Throughout their three timeouts given in the first game, they were ahead in points each time, finishing with a score of 21-10. During their second game, the girls kept their consistency of staying in the lead and ending their game on top, 21-13.

     Sophomore Emma Daly helped lead the Birds to victory with several line shots and kills cross-court, hyping her team up after a point was made.

     “[I’m] super proud of our results,” Daly said. “Our hits, passes, and sets were all great. We’ve been working all season on team energy and it showed a lot this game.”


     The varsity volleyball team’s game was a nail-biter. In their first game, the Birds were behind most of the time, their final score being 20-25. During the second game, they were still trailing behind Holy Cross, but their score did increase, ending with a 22-25 score.

     While the freshman and junior varsity played a best of five games, the varsity Birds had to play three out of five of their games to win. They were already down 2-0 and had to win the next to have a shot at redemption. Luckily, the Birds bounced back and advanced four points ahead to tie the score 24-24.

     Highlands varsity volleyball had a great comeback during the third game, but it just wasn’t enough to pull through a win. The third game score resulted in a 24-26 loss for Highlands.

     The next Highlands volleyball mashup game is the Cupcake Classic at home.